Indeed the Football Association of Indonesia was established in Yogyakarta on
April 19, 1930 as a manifestation of the nation’s aspiration to achieve the
independence of Indonesia, so the Football Association of Indonesia is one of
the Nation’s Organizations for the struggle to achieve independence through
That football has become one of the most popular sports for the people, as it is
a very important means to support the nation’s development efforts in physical,
mental and spiritual respects in the bid to attain a just and prosperous society
in the equality and balanced setting based on Pancasila and the 1945
That the successful development of football is measured from the
achievements, as good achievement in football can become National pride.
Hence, success in the development of football should be made use for
encouraging the Nation’s achievements in football.
Realizing all the foregoings, then, with the Grace of the Almighty God, and
driven by the benevolent wish of devotion to the Nation, the Football
Association of Indonesia is making every effort to boost the development for a
solid and orderly football organization of the nation and organizing football
events with due observance of the rules and regulations adopted by the
International organization, particularly football organization. In order to best
perform for the purpose, the fundamental of the organization has been
formulated and applied as the Statutes, as is described below.

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Persatuan Sepak Bola Seluruh Indonesia, disingkat PSSI adalah organisasi induk yang bertugas mengatur kegiatan olahraga sepak bola di Indonesia. PSSI berdiri pada tanggal 19 April 1930 dengan nama awal Persatuan Sepak Raga Seluruh Indonesia.

PSSI bergabung dengan FIFA pada tahun 1952, kemudian dengan AFC pada tahun 1954. PSSI menggelar kompetisi Liga Indonesia setiap tahunnya, dan sejak tahun 2005, diadakan pula Piala Indonesia. Ketua Umum PSSI sejak 9 Juli 2011 adalah Djohar Arifin Husin.


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